Before Public Safety Day began, the LFC Class of 2016 was tasked with a homework assignment: Complete a ride along or tour the detention center. Some participants rode with medics, the Sheriff’s department, and the fire department, while others went to the court house and the detention center. Whether it was responding to a potential cardiac arrest and a car accident, going on a patrol and responding to shoplifting at the mall or a domestic dispute, or viewing a trial on delinquent child support payments, the class members headed into the class day with a deeper perspective.

Law Enforcement Center

The sun came up over the Frederick County Law Enforcement Center, as the LFC Class of 2016 arrived and Frederick County’s finest continued their work. Our morning featured discussions with the command staff of the Sheriff’s Office, including Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.


At the center, the class learned about procedures, challenges, and the responsibilities of law enforcement personnel. We saw tactical equipment demonstrations (including a taser) and toured the Emergency Communications Center to learn about response time and preparedness


Pictured above left: Jason Null, Special Tactics

Junior Fire Company

At the Junior Fire Company, we got an inside look at a fire engine and an ambulance, and heard about the career and volunteer fire and rescue services in Frederick County from Fire Chief Tom Owens. During lunch, the Junior Fire Company had responded to 4 calls. Every 16 minutes there is an incident in this county.



Frederick County Courthouse

Then it was off to the Frederick County Courthouse for a meeting with Circuit Court Judges Terry Adams, Julie Solt and Magistrate Julie Miner. Deputy State’s Attorney Nanci Hamm discussed the role and responsibilities of the State’s Attorney’s Office, and Clerk of the Circuit Court Sandy Dalton discussed court and jury operations.


Maryland Police Aviation Unit

The day ended with a tour and conversation with the crew of Trooper 3, the Maryland State Police Aviation Unit located at Frederick Municipal Airport. Pilot Russ Zulick talked about the aircraft, its mission, and the importance of the Golden Hour of Trauma.


Wrap Up

This class day provides insight into the public safety measures and professionals protecting Frederick County. In Leadership there lies a passion. This was clearly displayed by all the public safety officials and their dedication to the job and community.

“I feel like I have never worked a day in my life” – Jason Null, Special Tactics

Class members discussed challenges facing these department, budgeting and how to prepare for future issues, and making a plan for an emergency at their business.


Special thanks to Brooke Anthony for taking photos, and to MAJ Troy Barrick(2016) who helped plan and present the day.

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Why Frederick?

The Class of 2016 set out for Economic Development Day with the goal of understanding why Frederick is a great place to do business.

We started the day at Frederick City Hall where Mayor Randy McClement discussed his philosophy of “Finding a Way to Say Yes” and the “Zero-Balance Budget”. Richard Griffin(2010), Frederick City Department of Economic Development; Helen Propheter(2010), Frederick County Office of Economic Development; and Heather Gramm(2011), Maryland Department of Commerce provided an overview of economic development. They discussed demographics, trends and expansions, sustainable initiatives, market access, commuting patterns and infrastructure, major employers, biotechnology, tourism, and commercial development.

After the presentation, the class heard from a panel of local business leaders including Daryl Boffman, Acela Technology; Tony Checchia, Frederick Indoor Sports Center, Kate Surdez(2014), Astrazeneca; and Dr. Chris Kemp, Kempbio.

Work Where There’s Room to Play

The Class also watched Work Where There’s Room to Play, a video from the City of Frederick that shows off our vibrant business culture and merchant life.

See for Yourself

With Richard Griffin as a guide, the class hit the streets for a walking tour of Carroll Creek Park and the Downtown Frederick area. The class was joined by Danielle Doll from the Downtown Frederick Partnership who discussed the impact of design and planning on the merchant community.

LFC Blog 5

Then it was off to the Bechtel campus for lunch from Manalu and the Broker’s Prospective presentation from Avision Young. The class learned about development plans and progress for the Westview South area and got an in depth look at Avision Young’s integrated approach to commercial real estate.

LFC Blog 6

The day continued with a tour of Wright Manufacturing conducted by their president, Shawn Wolfe. Their motto is E2B4 which means Everybody-Everyday Building Mowers-Building Teams-Building Companies-Building Lives.

LFC Blog3

The final stop was Flying Dog Brewery, where the class got a tour and a lesson from CEO Jim Caruso.

“The World wants you to fit in, and not fitting in makes the world uncomfortable. Don’t fit in” – Jim Caruso, Flying Dog Brewery

LFC Blog 4

Special thanks to David Rogers and Brooke Anthony for taking photos, and to Jodie Bollinger(2014) who assisted throughout the day.


Discover Leadership Frederick County

Learn more about the program, enrollment dates, and opportunities to get involved. LFC is a program of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

A participant’s journey through Frederick County Agriculture


7:15 am – Watching the class come in, many decked out in plaid shirts, jeans, and boots in response to a Facebook post encouraging folks to dress up for Halloween as scarecrows. The joys of social media requests.

8:00 am – Thinking how happy classmate Kelsey Maslen looks presenting on Agriculture in Frederick County. She described it as “getting her geek on”. I describe it as a person who really loves what she does and isn’t afraid to show it.

Lawyers Farm

9:00 am – At Lawyer’s Farm listening to Taylor Lawyer Huffman’s moving story about her father. She shared her family’s endeavor to carry on his name and the farm he loved.


9:30 am – Laughing as I watch Jaime and Teri blast pumpkins out of the cannon.


11:00 am – Feeling the wind whipping through me as we tour the grounds of Big Cork Vineyards and taste the sweet grapes straight from the vine.

11:30 am – Eating great food and drinking fabulous wines. Being a spectator as a group of classmates play cornhole on the winery lawn. No one wants to leave and get back on the bus.


2:00 pm – Learning about the dairy industry from Maryland Farm Bureau President and owner of Rocky Point Creamery, Chuck Fry… riding in a school bus painted like a Holstein Cow and chuckling at Brent and Jaime for putting on the cow mask. Oohing and aahing as we ride through the barn and see cows and calves, one born yesterday…. more eating (what diet?) this time ice cream freshly made at the creamery. Yummy.


3:30 pm – Smiling as we visit one of my favorite farms near my house, Thanksgiving Farms. Proud my classmates liked their family story and took a CSA membership form, which I think means they acknowledge shopping local is important and are considering participating.

3:45 – Surprised how many classmates never experienced the wonderful crispness and taste of an Asian Pear and were delighted to try one.


4:15 pm – Shaking my head and laughing as I see classmates running across the field, inserting their faces into scarecrow cutouts with David running right behind them to take their picture. That falls in the category of #lovingmylfcclassmates.


4:30 pm – Smelling the fresh aroma from the Christmas trees at our last stop. The Mayne Family is the Farm Family of the Year and is very proud of it. I love seeing people in their element, and the owner was indeed in his when he made the bus stop so he could prune a tree. He must have pruned 5 trees in a minute.

5:00 pm – Sleeping on the way back to the Chamber after a fun-filled and full experience.

Sometime over the weekend – Thanking the Chamber Team, Lawyer’s Farm, Big Cork Vineyard, Rocky Point Creamery, Thanksgiving Farm, Mayne’s Tree Farm, and LFC Class of 2016 for making this a day one that I will never forget.

Winchester Hall

The day began at Winchester Hall in the hearing room. “Where the magic happens” is how Rick Weldon describe the space. Where many passionate, enthusiastic conversations and debates are held in a public forum that influence the direction and policy of Frederick County.

Jim Gugel, Planning Director for Frederick County, along with Joe Adkins, Deputy Director of Planning for Frederick City, set the ground work for the day.  They explained how planners make challenging decisions regarding future growth for the Frederick community, while attempting to satisfy politicians and citizens.  Monrovia Town center is evidence that it’s not an easy task.  In the next 20 years Frederick expects the county population to grow by 60,000 and housing by 23,000, while the City of Frederick expects to grow by 20,000.  Sounds like a challenging job!

Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development with The City of Frederick, was next up to give us the scoop on their role in the future of Frederick from a business development standpoint.  Fort Detrick is the largest employer in Frederick County, but 95% of the business in Frederick are small businesses, with less than 50 employees.  We learned about some of the new projects coming in the next few years from the Jefferson Technology Park to the new Walmart Supercenter to the Downtown Frederick Hotel Project.

Monocacy Valley Canning SONY DSC

Monocacy Valley Cannery

After a couple hours in the center of town, we took a short walk to the Eastside – to the old Monocacy Valley Cannery, currently being redeveloped by Bert Anderson. Bert Anderson, known for his Shab Row and Everedy Sqaure developments, is creating office space at the Cannery to attract more businesses and opportunity to Frederick. The space is nearing completion, revitalizing a historic 19th century commercial canning operation to a modern meets historic office space. It has even attracted an international pharmaceutical company to Frederick; Chiesi has locations in Italy, Paris, London, and soon to Frederick, MD. That’s kinda cool!

Riverside Industrial Park

Riverside Industrial Park is home to The Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF) which is the anchor facility of the National Cancer Institute. (A lot of smart people work there!) The ATRF is designed to breed collaboration among partners and advance technologies that translate research discoveries into treatments for cancer and AIDS. Walter Hubert, Assistant Project Officer at NCI, hosted us and gave us a great tour. We walked away with a biology lesson and an understanding of the far reaching impact of technologies and discoveries taking place right here in Frederick County.

SONY DSC  SONY DSCClass Planning Exercise

We wrapped up the day with an exercise, where in small groups we were asked to be the planners for the city. Our task was to develop a city plan for growth that would accommodate needs for the next 20 years. Five groups developed five completely different plans. If nothing else, it was 30 minutes of recognizing the challenges city/county planners face on a day to day basis, and we didn’t even have restrictions or elected officials to deal with!

At the end of the day, Frederick is a vibrant place to live and work. Based on the sampling of our day, the next 20 years are ripe with opportunity for the Frederick community.

Frederick Today Collage
Michelle Kershner captured photos throughout the Frederick Today session.
The following post was submitted by Michelle Kershner (LFC 2014). This event recap details Michelle’s experience at Leadership Frederick County (LFC) Frederick Today: Economic Development Day on Friday, November 15, 2013.

Planning, politics, and passion emerged as recurring themes as community leaders discussed Frederick Today. As the Economic Development session unfolded, it became clear that Frederick today is inseparable from its past and future. 

We’ve been warned that LFC is much like a trip to Vegas: “What happens in LFC stays in LFC.” However, here are five shareable highlights from the day:

  1. Spirited Discussions – In a rare and spirited panel discussion, Kai Hagen (Envision Frederick) and Commissioner Blaine Young (Board of County Commissioners) presented their views on growth issues, challenges, and opportunities facing Frederick today.  Continue reading “LFC Economic Development Day: 5 Highlights from Frederick Today”