Winchester Hall

The day began at Winchester Hall in the hearing room. “Where the magic happens” is how Rick Weldon describe the space. Where many passionate, enthusiastic conversations and debates are held in a public forum that influence the direction and policy of Frederick County.

Jim Gugel, Planning Director for Frederick County, along with Joe Adkins, Deputy Director of Planning for Frederick City, set the ground work for the day.  They explained how planners make challenging decisions regarding future growth for the Frederick community, while attempting to satisfy politicians and citizens.  Monrovia Town center is evidence that it’s not an easy task.  In the next 20 years Frederick expects the county population to grow by 60,000 and housing by 23,000, while the City of Frederick expects to grow by 20,000.  Sounds like a challenging job!

Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development with The City of Frederick, was next up to give us the scoop on their role in the future of Frederick from a business development standpoint.  Fort Detrick is the largest employer in Frederick County, but 95% of the business in Frederick are small businesses, with less than 50 employees.  We learned about some of the new projects coming in the next few years from the Jefferson Technology Park to the new Walmart Supercenter to the Downtown Frederick Hotel Project.

Monocacy Valley Canning SONY DSC

Monocacy Valley Cannery

After a couple hours in the center of town, we took a short walk to the Eastside – to the old Monocacy Valley Cannery, currently being redeveloped by Bert Anderson. Bert Anderson, known for his Shab Row and Everedy Sqaure developments, is creating office space at the Cannery to attract more businesses and opportunity to Frederick. The space is nearing completion, revitalizing a historic 19th century commercial canning operation to a modern meets historic office space. It has even attracted an international pharmaceutical company to Frederick; Chiesi has locations in Italy, Paris, London, and soon to Frederick, MD. That’s kinda cool!

Riverside Industrial Park

Riverside Industrial Park is home to The Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF) which is the anchor facility of the National Cancer Institute. (A lot of smart people work there!) The ATRF is designed to breed collaboration among partners and advance technologies that translate research discoveries into treatments for cancer and AIDS. Walter Hubert, Assistant Project Officer at NCI, hosted us and gave us a great tour. We walked away with a biology lesson and an understanding of the far reaching impact of technologies and discoveries taking place right here in Frederick County.

SONY DSC  SONY DSCClass Planning Exercise

We wrapped up the day with an exercise, where in small groups we were asked to be the planners for the city. Our task was to develop a city plan for growth that would accommodate needs for the next 20 years. Five groups developed five completely different plans. If nothing else, it was 30 minutes of recognizing the challenges city/county planners face on a day to day basis, and we didn’t even have restrictions or elected officials to deal with!

At the end of the day, Frederick is a vibrant place to live and work. Based on the sampling of our day, the next 20 years are ripe with opportunity for the Frederick community.

Ambassadors of the Year
Many thanks to Matt Doyle and Ellen Keyser for their commitment to new members of the Frederick Chamber!

At the annual holiday Business Card Exchange at Frederick City Hall, we announced the Ambassadors of the Year for 2013.

Chamber Ambassadors are volunteer outreach coordinators who work with new Chamber member businesses for the first 90 days of membership. Ambassadors help new members understand the various programs and services, and how best to take advantage of the benefits of membership.

Although all of our Ambassadors are outstanding representatives, this year we chose two as Ambassadors of the Year. Congratulations to Ellen Keyser and Matt Doyle!

Ellen is a business development manager for 270net Technologies, a full service web development company. Ellen is known for her warm smile and hearty laugh. The new members she has mentored cite her friendly and accessible personality, along with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Chamber.

Matt is an outside sales manager for The Plamondon Companies. Matt has taken on some of our most challenging and important Ambassador assignments, and has always gone above and beyond to assist new Chamber members. Many thanks to both Ellen and Matt for their hard work and dedication.

As Ambassadors of the Year, Ellen and Matt’s companies will receive a discounted membership renewal, in part to thank these generous employers for allowing critical staff to spend time volunteering to keep our Chamber strong.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Ambassador program, please contact me at301.662.4164 x214 or via email at

The season 3 finale was co-hosted by Joe Porpiglia (D&D Consulting and Training) and Lauren Hagan (Frederick Chamber) at the Chamber Studio.

Our episode opens with Dr. Mimi McLaughlin of McLaughlin Family Chiropractic. Dr. Mimi discusses workplace ergonomics, because it’s critical to stay fit in order to increase productivity and wellness in the workplace! Watch this episode for Dr. Mimi’s tips.

We were also joined by Michelle Day, Business Services Manager at Frederick County Workforce Services. Michelle brings up another valid HR issues: hiring for your organization. Michelle tells us what to ask and what qualities to look for in a potential new hire. Continue reading “Chamber TV: Episode 35”

Co-hosted by Jon-Mikel Bailey (Wood Street, Inc.) and Lauren Hagan (Frederick Chamber) on tour at Unique Optique.

Our first special guest, Karl Kidd, fifth grade teacher at Urbana Elementary School, joined us to discuss how he has connected with the education community since winning the FCPS 2013 Teacher of the Year Award. If you want to know how your business can get connected with the future workforce, Episode 34 is for you!

We were also joined by Geordie Wilson, publisher of The Frederick News-Post. Ever wonder how to build a meaningful relationship with media representatives? Geordie tells you how to begin in Episode 34.

Continue reading “Chamber TV: Episode 34”

Co-hosted by Justin Saltzman (Liberty Mutual) and Lauren Hagan (Frederick Chamber) on tour at Audio-Video Group.

Our first special guest, Shabri Moore of Moore Wealth Inc., joined us to discuss transitioning leadership by developing a success plan for your organization.

Paul Frey, Executive Director of Leadership Frederick County (LFC), was our second special guest. Paul discussed how LFC’s unique program enhances leadership skills and knowledge of Frederick County. Continue reading “Chamber TV: Episode 33”

New Chamber team member Michael Kurtianyk
Michael Kurtianyk – Membership Representative

Welcome to Team Chamber, Michael Kurtianyk! Michael is our newest Membership Representative, ready to connect businesses with the Chamber.

Michael was born and raised in New York, and has undergraduate degrees in English and education, as well as a MBA in English education from Syracuse University.  He moved to Frederick in 2000, and has served on the Board of Directors for The Shakespeare Festival, Academy of Finance, and the Weinberg Center for the Arts.

In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and coaching his daughter’s soccer team.

As an active member of the Frederick community, we know Michael will make a great addition to the Chamber.

Click here for more info about the benefits of joining the Chamber!

Co-hosted by Jon-Mikel Bailey (Wood Street) and Kelly Beach (Frederick Chamber).

Shawn Pierce of Experient joined us at Ethan Allen Design Center to discuss tips and tricks for having a successful booth at EXPO 2013, including how to interact, what to bring, and where to find valuable information for trade show exhibiting.

We were also joined by Christopher Madden, local artist and banknote picture engraver, to learn about currency design, protecting local businesses against counterfeit, and his experience on National Geographic’s Inside America’s Money Vault.

Continue reading “Chamber TV: Episode 32”

June 21, 2013

Co-hosted by Joe Porpiglia (D&D Consulting and Training) and Lauren Hagan (Frederick Chamber).

Sandy Wagerman, research specialist at the Frederick County Office of Business Development & Retention, joined us to talk about the Best Places to Work Awards and how to celebrate success in the workplace.

We were also joined by Eileen Foley-Breck, owner of Aspire Women’s Clothing Boutique, discussed the do’s, dont’s, and don’t-even-think-about-it’s of workplace style. Continue reading “Chamber TV: Episode 31”

May 17, 2013

Co-hosted by Jon-Mikel Bailey (Wood Street) and Lauren Hagan (Frederick Chamber).

Angela Blair, Community Health Educator at the Frederick County Health Department, joined us to discuss the Healthy Business Forum on Friday, June 21. The forum will cover how to implement a workplace wellness program into your organization.

We were also joined by Cynthia Miller, President and Founder of Miller.Omni.Media. Cindy discussed the importance of branding your business for Business Improvement Month. Continue reading “Chamber TV: Episode 30”

Silver Medal of Bravery:Lieutenant Warren “Jay” Schwab, Firefighter III David Hubler, Technician Adam Steinberg, Firfighter III Jason Patten, Technician Leon Norris, and Technician David Millstein; Division of Fire & Rescue Services

Incident:Aided Injured Victim Despite Shooter at Large

“They would have waited for police to secure the scene … however, risking their own safety, they opted to care for the life threatening injuries of a victim at the scene.”

Silver Medal of Bravery:Lieutenant Charles Scott, Technician Daniel Hardin, Firefighter III Robert Ruch; Division of Fire & Rescue Services

Incident:Fatal House Fire on E. South Street

“The heat was extreme and there was nearly no visibility apart from the orange glow of the fire extending up from below … they located the victim, a woman, at the top of the stairs, curled in the fetal position, unconscious.”

November 18, 2011

Your Hosts

Jon-Mikel Bailey is back! He shares his favorite turkey tips with co-host Jessica Hibbard.

Special Guests

Heather Gramm (City of Frederick) discusses economic activity in Frederick around the holidays, including the City’s “Get it Local” campaign. Heather mentioned many programs and events, including:

ML Carroll (Canapes Catering) tells us her favorite tips for planning for holiday events and preparing festive foods.

Positively Frederick

Visit our community blog to read about Love Paws’ recent stop in Frederick. Share your own story online at

Frederick Factoids

Did you know? “Monocacy” is a Shawnee Indian word that means “river with many bends.” The Monocacy River flows through Frederick County on its way to the Potomac River.

Member 2 Member Spotlight

This month’s featured discounts: 15% off your service total at Stanley Salon and 10% your first order from Tyz Scarves. Find more discounts and print coupons on the M2M page.

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Two lucky members of our studio audience won prizes — Free tickets to Generation Connect’s Holiday Fundraiser on December 6 at the Delaplaine.

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  • Producer / Co-Director: Kelly Beach
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We’ve finally confirmed special guests for the interviews on this month’s show:

  • Heather Gramm, Business Development Specialist at The City of Frederick, will talk about economic activity in the city around the holidays.
  • ML Carroll, Owner of Canapes, will share some practical tips and catering expertise for those of us planning holiday events at work and at home.

It looks like we’re going to have a big crowd in the live audience on Friday. If you’re interested in joining us, please sign up now — Space is limited!

September 16, 2011

Your Hosts

We’re back in the Chamber studio this month, with co-hosts Joe Porpiglia and Jessica Hibbard.

Special Guests

Sadie Wolf (Frederick Regional Health System) discusses workplace wellness and the 2nd Annual Business Health Awards.

Will Burns (Maryland Chamber) talks about the Maryland General Assembly’s upcoming special legislative session and the Maryland Chamber’s advocacy tour stop in Frederick on October 4th.

Positively Frederick

Visit our community blog to read about PNC Bank’s recent donation to Frederick Community College’s child care center. Share your own story online at

Frederick Factoids

Barb, the Chamber’s receptionist, is a goldmine of information about local lore and Frederick history. At a recent staff meeting, she told us that most small towns in Frederick County are about 7 miles apart, because that’s the distance that a lady could travel by horse to shop in a neighboring town and still safely return before dark!

Member 2 Member Spotlight

This month’s featured discounts: 10% off (Sunday through Wednesday) at Canal Bar & Grill and 10% off an annual preventative maintenance agreement with Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning. Find more discounts and print coupons on the M2M page.

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