My LFC Journey, 10 Years In The Making

Jennifer Gerlock LFC

For the past 10 years I’ve been told by various community members I’ve encountered that I needed to be a part of a program called Leadership Frederick County .

Yes, it has literally been 10 years.

When people approached me about the program I always gave it consideration but I really wasn’t sure if it was for me. I didn’t understand the purpose or, if I am being honest, the benefit to me.

Jennifer Gerlock LFCI now know that the question I should have been asking was not how it would benefit me, but how it would challenge me.

A mere ten minutes into our first gathering I could tell that this journey would be one that would stretch me as a professional.

Stretch might even be an understatement.

The Leadership Frederick County program is a 9 ½ month educational community leadership program that touches on everything from leadership skills to county history, agriculture, government, education, health and human services, the arts, economic development, public safety, and Frederick’s future.  In addition to intensive learning on those topics, we participate on a Leaders-on-Loan (LOL) team working on a nonprofit organization’s proposed project.

It is quite the commitment. And quite the challenge.

I’m only a few weeks into LFC and this former doubter is now a firm convert.  I’m truly looking forward to the learning (and challenges) the upcoming months will bring!

Note: Check back often! Members of the 2015 class of Leadership Frederick County will be updating the blog throughout the year sharing their experiences along the way. 

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