LFC Agriculture Day

South Mountain Creamery
South Mountain Creamery
Chris and her classmates scope out the homemade ice cream selection at South Mountain Creamery.

Ice cream for breakfast, a gourmet meal of locally-grown seasonal vegetables, grains, and meats, followed by wine and chocolate for dinner… Could Ag Day with Leadership Frederick County get any better?!

Weaving our way from Middletown to Mt. Airy, our Day in the Life of Frederick County Agriculture included South Mountain Creamery, Jumbo’s Pumpkin Patch, England Acres Farm, Paradise Stables, and Black Ankle Vineyards.  This was just a “taste” of the 1,400+ farms that make Frederick County the largest agricultural county in Maryland!  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s nice to know that we rank #1 in turkeys!

The ag industry is a vital part of the economy and quality of life in Frederick County. As the county grows and is able to provide more and better services to it’s citizens, so does the ag industry.  With 664 square miles of rolling mountains, flat river valleys, bubbling streams, and bright green pastures, I feel truly blessed to live in such a vibrant community.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks goes to the entire Ag Day team, especially Colby Ferguson of Frederick County Business Development and Retention.

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