Hope Abounds – A Look Inside Frederick Nonprofits


Hope Abounds – Nonprofits in Frederick

Another awesome day with Leadership Frederick and the best class ever, of course! We learned about the “good” happening in Frederick County and how all of us can be part of it. Our day started with a visit to the Frederick County Health Department where Dr. Brookmeyer our Health Officer (and an endearing human being), welcomed us. She explained the Health Department’s role, which is to focus on health prevention for “groups” of people. One program is the WIC program, where underserved Women, Infants and Children are the focus and receive “Better nutrition for a brighter future”.

Josh Pederson from United Way of Frederick County, who is a natural leader in the non-profit world (and who many of us know and love), expounded on the business of nonprofits. It’s not always about the poor and underserved, he reminded us that our lives are very much intertwined with nonprofit entities. From the hospital we were born in to the hiking trails we experience on the weekends and the church we attend, we’re all connected.


Next we heard about early childhood development and the effects of child abuse. I think I can speak for most of us when I say this was an eye opening presentation from Lynn Davis, Director, Child Advocacy Center and Anne Soule, Director, Family Support Services. They have a passion to “raise awareness” and advocate for children who suffer from effects of child abuse and who are exposed to toxic stress.

“We have a responsibility to create the healthy environments to allow children to achieve long term health and prosperity”.

They also explained the science is now revealing how this very serious problem compromises healthy brain development.

Josh Pederson’s Chamber Interviews

Josh recently sat down with the Chamber to discuss the emotions involved in nonprofit work and the future of nonprofits in Frederick County. Take a look:

The Highs and Lows of Working for a NonprofitWhen your job directly impacts people’s well-being, the end of the day can bring mixed emotions. Josh Pedersen of United Way of Frederick County, Maryland shares his experience and advice on balancing the satisfaction of helping people and the anxiety of missed opportunities.

Filmed in partnership with Digital Bard

The Future of the Nonprofit Community in FrederickHow are things changing and trending for the nonprofit community in Frederick? Josh Pedersen, United Way of Frederick County, Maryland, shares his insights.

Filmed in partnership with Digital Bard



Frederick Rescue Mission – Changing Lives

It was back on the bus and over to the Frederick Rescue Mission, just one (of many) of Frederick County’s programs for people who truly want a chance to change their lives for the better. This was the most inspiring experience of the day. I think we were all moved to be able to “serve” our brothers and sisters.

The class split up into groups, some classmates helped carry in the bounty of donated goods; others, under the direction of the chief cook and some helpful residents, peeled and chopped vegetables for the evening meal; others served food to the hungry and ate lunch with some of the residents or clients.

We later, heard very moving personal testimonies from heroic people who have struggled over and over to change their life. Thanks to the Frederick Rescue Mission, these people are on the right track and in the midst of a new beginning.


Stauffer Funeral Home

A unique visit to Stauffer Funeral Home for a presentation and quick tour. How many people visit a funeral home and take a tour that includes the crematory. That was an interesting experience! Later some straight talk about end of life from some special people representing a few local non-profits.

Thank you to Courtney Stauffer and the Stauffer Family for your hospitality and kicking off our Friday afternoon with an early happy hour. It was a fun day.


Photos courtesy of Brooke Anthony, class of 2016

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