Frederick County Forecast: Shiny, Bold and Bright: LFC gets a glimpse into population healthcare and nonprofit organizations in Frederick, Maryland


FMH Crestwood – Women’s Health Shines

We are at the mid-year point of our Leadership class and time is moving quickly.  Today, we will be meeting with the movers and shakers in the non-profit and healthcare world.  We arrive at the beautiful Crestwood facility conveniently located in south Frederick; it boasts a gorgeous view of the Sugarloaf Mountains.  After eating a delicious and healthy breakfast provided by Silver Diner, Josh Pederson, CEO 211, (Class of 2011) provides the class with an in-depth overview into Frederick Nonprofits. He reminds us of the benefits of nonprofits especially in today’s population health explosion.  It’s not just social services advocates, food bank communities, missions but hospitals, churches and outdoor recreation places that are nonprofit entities and benefits us all.  We are all touched by this world and that is why they are so important and must stay in existence. Just as he is wrapping us around these thoughts and ideas, Dr. Mandel, Assistant VP of Medical Affairs, FRHS gives an overview of the hospital functions and its broad and necessary outreach into the community.  The afternoon breakout sessions facilitated by FMH team members Linda Gossweiler and Jaime White (Class of 2016) allowed the class to apply practical solutions to actual health scenarios. It helped the class process all that we learned throughout the day.

Lucas Village Community Center – A Bold Outlook

The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick is a nonprofit, private corporation created to address the needs of affordable housing built Lucas Village in 1972 on the east side of Frederick.  It is about 4 blocks outside the city.  

Leadership Frederick County facilitators look to provide classes with current topics involving the county.   Take for instance this stop; the class is afforded the opportunity to listen in on a panel discussion moderated by Ryan Trout (Class of 2010) with six educated panelists; each of them leaders on affordable housing in Frederick.  It wasn’t a coincidence that a study on affordable housing was just completed and released on December 19, 2016 calling for changes in the moderately priced dwelling units (MPDU) program established in 2003 in order to provide folks in need with affordable housing especially, a growing younger workforce, seniors and persons with disabilities.

By the way, five out of the seven leaders including the moderator are graduates of Leadership Frederick County.  An impressive testament to the program!

Frederick Rescue Mission – Making Brighter Futures

It was back on the bus to visit the rescue mission.  It was an amazing experience for the class; more LFC alumnus to greet the class. We separated and went to work on various service projects.  While some of us helped in the kitchen, others unloaded food trucks to stock the new grocery store and more folks were needed to sort hygiene products to give to mission guest.  We were then treated to a great lunch with the residents.  It was all about great food, great people and lots of fun. An experience we will never forget! After lunch we heard from the Arnold Farlow, ED (Class of 2011) and board members including Charlie Smith, State Attorney and Monica Kolbay, Business Owner (Class of 2016) about the mission, growth, and various ways to volunteer.  We also conducted mid-year Leaders on Loan report-outs.  

All in all another gratifying learning experience!

-Hermine Bernstein


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