Exploring and Tasting the Richness of Agriculture


A participant’s journey through Frederick County Agriculture


7:15 am – Watching the class come in, many decked out in plaid shirts, jeans, and boots in response to a Facebook post encouraging folks to dress up for Halloween as scarecrows. The joys of social media requests.

8:00 am – Thinking how happy classmate Kelsey Maslen looks presenting on Agriculture in Frederick County. She described it as “getting her geek on”. I describe it as a person who really loves what she does and isn’t afraid to show it.

Lawyers Farm

9:00 am – At Lawyer’s Farm listening to Taylor Lawyer Huffman’s moving story about her father. She shared her family’s endeavor to carry on his name and the farm he loved.


9:30 am – Laughing as I watch Jaime and Teri blast pumpkins out of the cannon.


11:00 am – Feeling the wind whipping through me as we tour the grounds of Big Cork Vineyards and taste the sweet grapes straight from the vine.

11:30 am – Eating great food and drinking fabulous wines. Being a spectator as a group of classmates play cornhole on the winery lawn. No one wants to leave and get back on the bus.


2:00 pm – Learning about the dairy industry from Maryland Farm Bureau President and owner of Rocky Point Creamery, Chuck Fry… riding in a school bus painted like a Holstein Cow and chuckling at Brent and Jaime for putting on the cow mask. Oohing and aahing as we ride through the barn and see cows and calves, one born yesterday…. more eating (what diet?) this time ice cream freshly made at the creamery. Yummy.


3:30 pm – Smiling as we visit one of my favorite farms near my house, Thanksgiving Farms. Proud my classmates liked their family story and took a CSA membership form, which I think means they acknowledge shopping local is important and are considering participating.

3:45 – Surprised how many classmates never experienced the wonderful crispness and taste of an Asian Pear and were delighted to try one.


4:15 pm – Shaking my head and laughing as I see classmates running across the field, inserting their faces into scarecrow cutouts with David running right behind them to take their picture. That falls in the category of #lovingmylfcclassmates.


4:30 pm – Smelling the fresh aroma from the Christmas trees at our last stop. The Mayne Family is the Farm Family of the Year and is very proud of it. I love seeing people in their element, and the owner was indeed in his when he made the bus stop so he could prune a tree. He must have pruned 5 trees in a minute.

5:00 pm – Sleeping on the way back to the Chamber after a fun-filled and full experience.

Sometime over the weekend – Thanking the Chamber Team, Lawyer’s Farm, Big Cork Vineyard, Rocky Point Creamery, Thanksgiving Farm, Mayne’s Tree Farm, and LFC Class of 2016 for making this a day one that I will never forget.

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