LFC 2016 Closing Retreat

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The Class of 2016 has reached the end of the official Leadership Frederick County program, although they have only begun their time as community leaders. With class days on Agriculture, Frederick History, Economic Development, State Government, Public Safety, Education, Health & Human Services, Quality of Life, and Planning & Land Use, it’s safe to say the class has come away with more knowledge, experience, and connections in Frederick County.



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Leaders on Loan Wrap -Up

During the nine months, the class volunteered more than 1,000 hours to 6 nonprofit programs through the Leaders on Loan Program. All of the groups successfully engaged with their nonprofit and produced quality materials.

  • The Child Advocacy Center received new branding, rack cards, and promotional items aimed at increasing public awareness
  • The Downtown Frederick Partnership received suggestions for improving their website’s user experience. They also partnered to advocate for improvements to the Carroll Creek Trellis
  • The Frederick Arts Council group designed a survey to more than 200 city and county residents designed to increase membership and assist with programing and fundraising. They also created an advocacy toolkit to help with grants and acquiring city/county funds.
  • The Habitat for Humanity team worked on a digital toolkit to increase outreach to those eligible for services. They also helped Habitat connect with local marketing and media companies like the American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick and Digital Bard.
  • The Marriage Resource Center team conducted two social media experiments that increased page likes on their Facebook page. One experiment resulted in 96-page likes, 12 shares, and 29 posted photos in one day. They also prepared fundraising ideas for the organization.
  • Finally, the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek group presented a press kit to the non-profit that will educate the public about Rotary.

Habitat for Humanity’s Experience with Leaders on Loan

The morning of presentations quickly passed and was replaced with a more reflective tone as the leaders looked back at the previous sessions and expressed gratitude to everyone who lent their time and talents to the LFC program: including the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, LFC Council, curriculum and session leaders, business owners, government officials, educators, caterers and many others!

The retreat ended with a journaling exercise and an assignment to talk with someone they haven’t gotten to know. The leaders broke into groups of two or three and explored the beautiful and vast grounds of Thorpewood to talk about where they are in their leadership journey, what they learned from the program, and how are they will use that moving forward.

Retreat Reflections from a Class Member

By: Jennifer White

We started our day as we usually do in Leadership Frederick, EARLY….but not without a delicious and nourishing breakfast, a cup of strong joe, and catching up with each another. Since last September, when we first met at Thorpewood for our opening retreat, our gatherings have become easier and we have gotten to know one another just a little bit more each class day.

We began our closing retreat with an overview of the last nine months, our experience, the leaders we met, and what we learned from our experience. It has been quite an exceptional experience, and the time has gone by way too quickly. As in our opening retreat, all eyes were on Scott Alexander. Inspiring, knowledgeable and experienced, he taught us to differentiate attributes from skills and what possible drills are needed to get to our leadership goal. And we later applied these attributes, skills, and drills to our own personal leadership goals.

A second look at the short movie “The Butterfly Effect”. At our opening retreat, many of us saw this video for the first time and I must say, we all got something different out of it the second time. The theory that a small cause or action can make a huge effect or difference in the present or in the future.….”everything you do really does make a difference”.

The day ended with a second important video “the last lecture”. All of us are familiar with this timeless message of inspiration, strength and wisdom, good advice and impressive attitude; this was both uplifting and somber for the class. The theme: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams….he eloquently concludes that it’s really about how to lead your Achieving Your Childhood Dreams….he eloquently concludes that it’s really about how to lead your life….doing the right thing, work hard, find the best in everybody. Quite appropriate for a group of leaders and future leaders.

On behalf of the class, a huge thank you to Rick Weldon, Jenny Morgan, Barbara Wagner, Scott Alexander and the many many leaders we learned from over the last nine months. Leadership Frederick Class of 2016—BEST CLASS EVER…. has been successfully completed!


Photos courtesy of David Rogers, class of 2016

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