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Sen Cardin

About the Event

US Senator Ben Cardin came to the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce for an extended discussion about his Progressive Consumption Tax proposal. Trustees and board members were able to hear directly from the Senator about the proposal's details and implications for Frederick County businesses and beyond.

After the overview, a question-and-answer session brought many concerns to light. Chamber members' questions included:

  • Why is your proposal better than proposing a flat tax?
  • If enacted, will this tax further complicate or simplify tax returns?
  • What will be the cost to implement this system?
  • What will be the effect of consumer spending with this tax?
  • Will the reduction of the corporate tax from 35% to 17% make the US more globally competitive?

Senator Cardin candidly shared where there were uncertainties, and expects this tax will not be enacted in this Congress. However, he believes after much more discussion and debate, the proposal may play a prominent role in the next US Presidential election.

After his first visit to our office today, we have invited Senator Cardin to return again to provide updates and to engage directly with our members on the business sector's most pressing issues.

"Senator Ben Cardin was kind enough to spend the morning with business leaders in Frederick to educate us about the elements of his proposed legislation to create a Progressive Consumption Tax, which will be coupled with a substantial reduction of corporate and individual tax rates and a simplification of the IRS Code.

Thanks to the Frederick Chamber for getting the Senator to share so generously of his time with us. He addressed many thoughtful questions from members of the Chamber Board and Policy Committee. The Senator clearly enjoyed his visit with us and enjoyed being in Frederick. One of our Policy Committee members, in fact, had the “small world” experience of running into the Senator later in one of our downtown retail establishments. Clearly, the Senator’s visit was good for the local economy. Nice to feel the love in Western Maryland."

Tom Lynch
Miles & Stockbridge PC

"Senator Cardin must feel strongly about outreach for support of his tax reform idea; this is the first time I can remember him coming up to Frederick County and giving time to the Chamber. The Senator came across as sincere and made excellent points. I also think he did a good job introducing his tax reform idea."

Paul Steckel, CPA
McLean, Koehler, Sparks & Hammon

"I appreciated Senator Cardin's candor and depth of knowledge in regards to the topic. While it is clear this bill is still in the infancy stages he seems quite passionate and determined to see a change in the tax code. A tremendous amount of detail still needs to be worked out and the unraveling of years of intertwined tax code and current reporting requirements will need to occur. It is certainly a complicated endeavor however I feel the Senator is prepared for the long haul it will require."

Linda Morgan
Support Unlimited

"This was an incredible chance to have a frank discussion with the Senator about his tax proposal. This opportunity the Chamber has provided was absolutely invaluable. It will certainly be interesting to watch Senator Cardin’s proposal as it works its way through the system."

Jon-Mikel Bailey
Wood Street, Inc.

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