Legislative Update 3.14.16


The Maryland General Assembly is just past the halfway point, heading towards Sine Die on April 11th. The Frederick Delegation is deeply involved in a number of local legislative issues, along with playing a part in several high-profile regional and statewide issues. Some highlights:

  • The Downtown Hotel Conference Center- The Delegation bill to freeze the local hotel tax rate at 3% was heard in the House Ways & Means Committee on February 24, but has yet to get a committee vote. The bill co-sponsored by Delegates Krimm and Young to allow the Maryland Stadium Authority to assist with the design and construction of the project received a hearing before the House Appropriations Committee on March 8th. The hearing was attended by County Executive Gardner, Mayor McClement, Chamber CEO Elizabeth Cromwell and a number of Chamber member companies and individuals that support the project.
  • Funding for the CREST project, the Frederick Higher Ed Center, was included in Governor Hogan’s Supplemental Budget submission. If the funds remain a part of the state budget, CREST will be able to offer graduate level science and research courses this fall.

Maryland Healthy Working Families Act – HB0580

  • The bill specifically allows each employee:
    1. provide up to 7 days (56 hours) of paid leave to employees working at least 8 hours per week (1 hour for every 30 hours worked).
    2. Accrue the leave from an employee’s first day of work
    3. Permit the employee to use the leave after the 1st 90 days of work or first 480 hours
    4. Permit the employee to use the leave for preventative care, illness or certain situations involving domestic violence for themselves and/or a family member
    5. Roll at least 56 hours of leave over from year to year
    6. Reinstate any accrued, unused leave at the time of termination to an employee who is rehired within 12 month
    7. Permit the employee to use this leave in the smallest increment that the employer’s payroll system uses and not more than one hour increments

Maryland Chamber Position: 
The Maryland Chamber opposes this bill because the proposed policy will create a lot of costly intended and unintended consequences for businesses. As drafted, there are no true exemptions for small businesses, who will be disproportionally affected by this legislation. The bill, also, does not include any provisions to address or prevent abuse or fraud and there several provisions that conflict with the current Family Medical Leave Act. Despite, the good intent behind the proposed policy, there are numerous items that would propose negative consequences to businesses and would further drive businesses and industries away from this state.

Business Relief and Tax Fairness Act – HB0243

This bill would authorize any person who is an aggrieved person by a decision or action; a taxpayer or an officer/unit of a local jurisdiction to request a judicial review of a land use action, including a comprehensive planning or rezoning action, of a legislative body of the Circuit Court.

Maryland Chamber Position: 
The Maryland Chamber opposes this bill because any company seeking to expand or rezone in the state would be exposed to increase litigation over planning and zoning.

The Frederick County Legislative Delegation has already held several meetings to deal with the County legislative package, the Liquor License Commission requests and a bill to freeze the hotel tax at 3%.

Contact the Frederick County Delegation

Ronald N. Young (D)
State Senator
District 3
Ph: 301-858-3575
Fx: 301-858-3193
Michael J. Hough (R)
State Senator
District 4
Ph: 301-858-3704
Carol L. Krimm (D)
House of Delegates
Subdistrict 3A
Ph: 301-858-3472
Karen Lewis Young (D)
House of Delegates
Subdistrict 3A
Ph: 301-858-3436
William Folden (R)
House of Delegates
District 3B
Ph: 301-858-3240
Kathy Afzali (R)
House of Delegates
District 4
Ph: 301-858-3288
Fx: 301-858-3184
Barrie S. Ciliberti (R)
House of Delegates
District 4
Ph: 301-858-3080
David E. Vogt, III (R)
House of Delegates
District 4
Ph: 301-858-3118

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