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At Large

 Susan Reeder Jessee (Democratic)

Jobs-Creating and maintaining family supporting jobs takes planning & commitment and must be funded appropriately to grow a diversified industrial base. Education-An excellent school system drives economic development, job creation, and a great quality of life. Competitive teacher salaries and tools for students in the classroom are essential. Growth-Responsible growth is good for families and businesses. Transparent planning that includes members of the community is important so that they have a voice in the process.

Linda Marie Norris (Democratic)

BUSINESS & ENVIRONMENT: Attracting green businesses to Frederick County by focusing a partial position in the county on green business; increasing our impact in the bio-tech corridor that stretches from Howard County through Montgomery County by dedicating partial positions to bio and agriculture, one of our most important businesses. I will champion the downtown hotel and conference center and increasing the I270 corridor per diem rate to include Frederick County; re-starting the Business Advisory Council; (answer exceeds word limit)

Bud Otis (Republican)

  • Better paying jobs for our citizens. Too many are underemployed. If we have jobs here, our children can work here instead of moving to other parts of the country.
  • Build a stronger Economic Development office to go after out of state businesses and other counties in Maryland and retain those we have!
  • Review our taxes and fees so as to be attractive to businesses and to keep our Seniors in Frederick County  

Billy Shreve (Republican)

Check out for more information or call me at 301-639-4763. You may also re-visit my extensive & exhaustive Chamber Survey completed prior to the primary. Taxes, Roads, Educating our students to be college & Career Ready including stopping this Heroin Epidemic.


District 1

Jerry Donald (Democratic)

My top three priorities are education, growth and roads. Funding the BOE at the state legal minimum will, in the long run, hurt kids, hurt property values, and is an impediment to attracting businesses. Housing growth must be near municipalities where the infrastructure is in place to handle it. Roads and transportation infrastructure must be improved for the safety of residents.


District 2

Annette Breiling (Democratic)

  • Putting into practice my three C’s for a compassionate community – Civility, Collaboration, Caring – in the way we work together on the council and in the community
  • Priority funding for our schools within the confines of a balanced budget;
  • Assuring responsible growth of infrastructure in keeping with principles of sustainability – financial, environmental, and social.


District 4

 Jessica Fitzwater (Democratic)

Excellent schools. Investing in public education supports our most important resource- our children, attracts businesses to the area, and drives up our property values. Responsible growth. We need a balanced approach to growth that considers the rights of all parties while adhering to smart growth principles. Open and effective government. Establish our new charter government with a culture of respect, inclusion, and transparency, and restore civility and trust.

Robert “Bob” Lawrence (Republican)

  1. Job creation. I will strive for job creation in large and small businesses above the  current level.
  2. Schools. Every student should be educated by highly qualified teachers in equally technologically advanced classrooms. I would increase MOE above current levels and provide increased funding for technology improvements and STEM education.
  3. Public Safety. Every citizen, urban, suburban or rural, should feel safe in their home and neighborhood.

District 5

 Mark Long (Democratic)

  1. Work to ensure that we continue to have an excellent public school system. The best companies with the best paying jobs require a well educated work force. A quality education system is essential to our economy.
  2. Work to create an environment that attracts businesses to the area and is friendly to the ones we have.
  3. Manage growth responsibly so we have enough classroom space, safe and adequate roads and other core services.

Kirby Delauter (Republican)

My top (3) goals are as follows: Fiscal responsibility, finding deeper savings in the fleet area of assets, follow up of outsourcing of the past board to see the savings and initiate more outsourcing if feasible in order to cut down on future Other post employment benefits ( OPEB ) costs to the taxpayer.


View the entire candidate survey and elections guide.


The Chamber surveyed all candidates and assembled their responses. Though all candidates were sent a copy of our survey, not all of them responded. The responses received are presented verbatim. For more information on joining the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce contact or call 301.662.4164.


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