State Government Day: A Fascinating Inside Look


Photos by Mary Kate McKenna, LFC Class of 2015

State Government Day was a powerful learning experience for our Leadership class. The objective of the day was to provide us with the opportunity to experience the state legislative process with a focus on its complexity and impact on current and future issues.

One of the most time-intensive days so far, it was also packed with invaluable experiences. Among the opportunities afforded to our classmates were:

  • personal contact and discussions with the members of the Frederick County delegation
  • exposure to county delegation meetings (including discussion of the current issues under consideration for legislation)
  • exposure to legislative committee hearings, the General Assembly and observation of the House and Senate proceedings.
  • exposure to the lobbying process and the intricacies behind it
  • exposure to the state budget (how it is prepared, presented, debated, and ratified)
  • exposure to the complexity and scope of what our legislators must address during the annual Legislative Session in Annapolis


Coming out of that day, one couldn’t help but gain a new understanding of the importance of the interaction between local and state government and the importance of public involvement in the legislative process. I was impressed by the accessibility of our elected officials and their openness and willingness to discuss complex issues with their constituents. I left with a renewed sense of confidence that my voice could indeed make a difference in a process I once thought out of my reach.

My sincere gratitude to Rick Weldon and all of the speakers that day for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the process. It was infectious and inspiring!

NOTE: A video slideshow of the day’s events can be found at this link:


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