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District 3

Ron Young (Democratic)

We will continue much as we do now. We meet with the County every December to listen to their requests. The executive and council will continue to be welcomed at our delegation meetings. We will meet with them as they request. We would expect the Executive to present their legislative agenda as the President of the Commissioners presently does.  There are still many items that will continue to come before us even though the County will have much more autonomy. In addition to individual contacts I post information on Facebook and e-mails and receive the same from the county.

Corey Stottlemyer (Republican)

This reform provides an opportunity to increase communication and build a partnership between the delegation and our newly elected County leaders. Collectively we can build policy solutions that benefit Frederick County. We are all charged with placing community over politics – I pledge to work for the benefit of our partnership. Specifically I will strengthen relationships, move beyond senseless labels, and look for ways to build consensus. We will need to move beyond this election. I look forward to serving with a team of individuals who collaborate with our combined skillsets. While this is a change it should be embraced.


District 3A

Carol Krimm (Democratic)

Collaboration among all government levels is essential. State and local officials should meet on a regular basis to provide one voice in advocating for state funding for local projects. Specific topics include schools and roads since state funding is over 50% of the FCPS budget and major transportation projects need state dollars to advance. As a state delegate I will meet monthly with local elected officials to confirm how the state can assist Frederick. Open communication like this will foster smoother inter-governmental operations as well as give businesses the predictability and reliability they need to grow companies, add jobs, and … (answer exceeds word limit)

Karen Lewis Young (Democratic)

I do not believe that the new form of government at the County will significantly change the relationship with the General Assembly delegation. The charter form of government will give broader powers to the county governing body, which will alleviate the burden of local bills in Annapolis.

While the nature of the activities may change, the overall relationship will not. The delegation should still be very proactive in obtaining input from all levels of government on proposed legislation. Frequent updates and communication should be an important characteristic of the relationship.

Vickie Wilkins (Republican)

The charter government will change the relationship by bringing the decision making process on most changes to Frederick County law to the County. County leaders will no longer need to request that the state legislators introduce their wish list into each legislative session (with a few exceptions.) While the formal process will change, collaboration between leaders at all levels of government is not only important, but it is what the voters expect us to do. I expect to communicate with County leaders via various means on a frequent basis regardless of their party affiliation or position on an issue.


District 4

Kelly Schulz (Republican)

The short answer is there would be no change in the level of communication between the Delegation and County officials. Although it appears that there would be a lesser amount of interaction between the two bodies to pass legislation in the state directly dealing with local county issues, there are always reasons to work with the county on issues being proposed at the state level – especially unfunded mandates. The Maryland Association of Counties represents all 23 counties, but it is the job of the local delegation to work specifically for our jurisdictions and advocate for our shared constituency.

Dan Rupli (Democratic)

The new charter form of government in Frederick County will alter many routine issues of governance. It will be necessary to appoint a staff person to serve as a liaison with the Executive and Council so that the Senator can provide maximum support and cooperation from the State system for County initiatives. The fact that the Congress is so completely gridlocked and unproductive, State government will have to assume greater responsibility in legislating matters that would ordinarily fall under federal purview. The most immediate of those issues is passing a State paycheck fairness law-equal pay for equal work for women … (answer exceeds word limit)



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