Do customers see your business the same way that you do?

Does your online presence match your organization's message?
Does your online presence match your organization's message?
Does your online presence match your organization’s message?

Every business owner knows their products and services. They understand why they’re in business, and they know what they hope to achieve related to sales, contracts, and customers. The more compelling question is this: What do your customers see when they look at you?

To really answer that, we need to look at what methods your customers use to “see” you. Maybe you’re in retail. Is your store inviting? Is it well-lit? Is the entrance visible to passerby?

No matter your industry, how is your web presence? Is your website easy to navigate? Are you tracking online reviews? Increasingly, potential customers are posting about their experiences on web customer review sites. These sites give customers a megaphone to either give credit or grind an axe.

Connect to that feedback, both the good and — more importantly — the bad. Chamber members have two useful tools to help shape their online image:

  1. Online Business Directory – A listing on the Chamber business directory gives your business credibility and web traffic. Make sure your business description and contact information is up-to-date with relevant keywords and contact information. You can update this by logging into the Members Only portal.
  2. Marketing Training – We also have a number of training and lecture sessions on e-commerce, social media, and web presence. The upcoming New Media & Tech Conference on Thursday, February 13 is a great example! We will connect you with local experts that can help you make sure your customers see you in exactly the way you want to be seen!

Editor’s Note: Member Monday by Rick Weldon is published on the biz blog the first Monday of each month. The February post was delayed to Tuesday, February 4 due to inclement weather. 

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