County Council: Response Seven



At Large

 Susan Reeder Jessee (Democratic)

Political party means little when there is a job to do. I have spent my career working with people from all over the world towards a common good in science. I would take this experience and my ability to see the bigger picture into any decision I would make.

Linda Marie Norris (Democratic)

One of my mantras is, there is a little right to every side, every argument. Quagmire in political party politics is a frustration I would like to avoid at all costs here in Frederick County, and I will do everything in my power to encourage my colleagues to see the … (answer exceeds word limit)

Bud Otis (Republican)

I have done it in the pasted as I developed relationships with members of the other party in Washington and it made it much easier when you wanted to get something done. You work with friends and if you are friendly; it sure makes the job easier to get legislation … (answer exceeds word limit)

Billy Shreve (Republican)

Check out for more information or call me at 301-639-4763. You may also re-visit my extensive & exhaustive Chamber Survey completed prior to the primary. Collaboratively. I have worked with R’s & D’s my entire life to pass State Laws in Annapolis & County Laws in Frederick both BEFORE  … (answer exceeds word limit)



District 1

Jerry Donald (Democratic)

I will work with anyone on an issue, regardless of party. People should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. Just because I disagree with someone on one issue doesn’t mean we can’t work together on something else.


District 2

Annette Breiling (Democratic)

I believe in working across party lines and that there is usually truth in each side of an issue. I believe in looking for and responding to the good in all people. When we differ, I try to express my view in a way that does not belittle others.


District 4

 Jessica Fitzwater (Democratic)

We are all in this for the same reason: to make Frederick County the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I look forward to working with a diverse group of council members who will bring unique perspectives to the table, regardless of political party.

Robert “Bob” Lawrence (Republican)

Political considerations should have no bearing on what is best for Frederick County. Once appointed to the BZA and the FCPC I have always sought consensus among board members to reach decisions for the benefit of all interested parties without consideration to anyone’s political affiliation.

District 5

 Mark Long (Democratic)

In my professional work, I relate with all kinds of people on a daily basis and members of my extended family have different political outlooks from mine. As a member of Council, my focus will be on doing what is best for Frederick County as a whole. To accomplish that … (answer exceeds word limit)

Kirby Delauter (Republican)




View the entire candidate survey and elections guide.


The Chamber surveyed all candidates and assembled their responses. Though all candidates were sent a copy of our survey, not all of them responded. The responses received are presented verbatim. For more information on joining the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce contact or call 301.662.4164.


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