County Council: Response Five




At Large

 Susan Reeder Jessee (Democratic)

The ability to work together as a team with the County Executive from Day 1 is critical in this historic time in Frederick County. It’s about being civil and respecting other points of view and I believe that great ideas can be generated from thought provoking discussions.

Linda Marie Norris (Democratic)

The Charter sets the number of formal meetings (where legislation can be proposed and passed) of the County Council. These meetings, in my mind, are directed and run by the council without the participation of the County Executive. However, this collaboration will be necessary and I propose monthly Council/executive briefings… (answer exceeds word limit)

Bud Otis (Republican)

I will treat the new County Executive with respect. They will have been elected by a majority of the votes of the citizen’s of this great county and so by respecting the Executive I am respecting the voters in this County. I may disagree with the Executive but I don’t … (answer exceeds word limit)

Billy Shreve (Republican)

Check out for more information or call me at 301-639-4763. You may also re-visit my extensive & exhaustive Chamber Survey completed prior to the primary. Collaboratively. I have worked with R’s & D’s my entire life to pass State Laws in Annapolis & County Laws in Frederick both BEFORE … (answer exceeds word limit)


District 1

Jerry Donald (Democratic)

It will be in the interest of both the new Executive and Council to try and work together, no matter what party we belong to or what interest groups support us. Compromise is a necessity.


District 2

Annette Breiling (Democratic)

I will listen carefully to the executive’s positions regarding the issues we face as we in the council determine appropriate legislation. I will seek areas of common ground, rely on factual data when possible, and work collaboratively to find solutions that best meet the needs of those involved.


District 4

 Jessica Fitzwater (Democratic)

The newly-elected council will set a precedent for charter government. It is imperative for us to establish open lines of communication with the executive so that we are using the best decision-making process possible.Transparent government is critical to gaining the trust of citizens and moving Frederick County forward.

Robert “Bob” Lawrence (Republican)

I believe that no one should come into office with a personal agenda set in stone. I will initiate and be receptive to dialogue between the Executive and Council to solve the issues that will arise. I am a firm believer that collaborative and cooperative efforts are necessary to eliminate … (answer exceeds word limit)


District 5

 Mark Long (Democratic)

First, I would study any issues that arise and gain an understanding of the issues. As a part of this process, I would encourage input from stakeholders and any interested citizens that have knowledge of and/or concerns regarding the issues. Communication is essential. To address issues and arrive at the … (answer exceeds word limit)

Kirby Delauter (Republican)



View the entire candidate survey and elections guide.


The Chamber surveyed all candidates and assembled their responses. Though all candidates were sent a copy of our survey, not all of them responded. The responses received are presented verbatim. For more information on joining the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce contact or call 301.662.4164.


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