County Executive: Response Eight




Jan Gardner (Democratic)

I support reducing pollution into our waterways and protecting the Bay. However, we need a new approach to implementation. Compliance is extremely expensive and no reasonable fee could begin to cover the estimated cost. As County Executive, I will lobby for additional methods for compliance to more cost effectively achieve the goals. The Chesapeake Bay Commission issued a highly regarded report that shows that regional nutrient-trading between urban and agriculture sectors will reduce the cost of restoration by 90%, but this is not a currently approved option. Lawsuits are not a way to get a seat at the table.

Blaine R. Young (Republican)

I am absolutely opposed to the “Rain Tax.” The State of Maryland, mandated that we charge this tax, but left it up to the counties what they would charge. I made the tax one cent – the lowest amount possible. My opponent Jan Gardner refuses to answer where she stands on this important issue. I promise you if I am electing I will continue to the fight the ridiculous O’Malley imposed Rain Tax.


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The Chamber surveyed all candidates and assembled their responses. Though all candidates were sent a copy of our survey, not all of them responded. The responses received are presented verbatim. For more information on joining the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce contact or call 301.662.4164.


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