County Executive: Response Four




Jan Gardner (Democratic)

As County Executive, I will convene a forum with state officials and local business leaders to discuss transportation, storm-water regulations, and where government can help or get out-of-the-way. Business must have a seat on statewide taskforces where legislation often begins.

Good customer service, predictable processes, and controlling spending to keep taxes low are important. County government should focus on core services – providing exceptional public schools, safe communities, and a functional transportation system. As President of the BOCC, I laid the foundation for our future prosperity by planning and building infrastructure for water and sewer, schools, libraries, parks, and county roads.


Blaine R. Young (Republican)

I will stand up to the tax-and-spenders in Annapolis. I have been a vocal opponent of Governor Martin O’Malley and his job-killing taxes and regulations. When the State mandated that we charge residents a rain tax, I made it one cent. My opponent Jan Gardner supports Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown and will be nothing but a rubber stamp for their tax-and-spend agenda.


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The Chamber surveyed all candidates and assembled their responses. Though all candidates were sent a copy of our survey, not all of them responded. The responses received are presented verbatim. For more information on joining the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce contact or call 301.662.4164.


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