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At Large

 Susan Reeder Jessee (Democratic)

Frederick County has witnessed tremendous growth and if handled properly results is good business and communities. A check and balance system must be in place to take into consideration the impact on schools, roads, and infrastructure. I would concentrate new residential and commercial growth in targeted growth areas according to the current Comprehensive Plan, re-establish the APFO, work closely with developers towards a balance on development costs, while preserving and maintaining adequate open space.

Linda Marie Norris (Democratic)

First as a reporter, then as a citizen, I have followed the evolution of Article 66B, Smart Growth and what has changed from planning regions to Community Growth areas and other phrases since the mid-1980s. The Frederick County Planning and Zoning division led a stellar public process to obtain feedback on the Comprehensive Plan Update of 2010, producing a well-researched and thoughtful document.

The revisions of 2012, while warranted in some cases and over-reaching in … (answer exceeds word limit)

Bud Otis (Republican)

It depends who you talk with. We are going to have growth; it is how we manage it that counts with the citizens. Recently it seems that a lot of development has come on line, however the economy as turned around and it has enabled developers to be able to move forward on projects that they have been sitting on for a while. I have seen the maps and Zoning Ordinance. The problem comes when … (answer exceeds word limit)

Billy Shreve (Republican)

Check out for more information or call me at 301-639-4763. You may also re-visit my extensive & exhaustive Chamber Survey completed prior to the primary.

The market determines growth in both the commercial and residential markets. I am a Commercial Realtor and have sat on and Chaired many Planning and Zoning boards since my completion of Leadership Frederick County in 2000. The only “new” tool introduced in the new millennium is a contract between … (answer exceeds word limit)


District 1

Jerry Donald (Democratic)

At the moment Frederick County is growing slowly due to the economy. Most of the housing growth the last few years has been in the municipalities. However, the current BOCC has put many housing developments in place so that housing growth could quickly accelerate to the “too fast” level.  If I am elected to the Council I will not be in favor of opening up the County Comprehensive and Zoning Ordinance to more growth in … (answer exceeds word limit)


District 2

Annette Breiling (Democratic)

Relevant infrastructure must accompany growth. I believe that overall county growth is reasonable, but that my District 2 has serious issues with school overcrowding and an inadequate Rt. 75. I’ve read the Comprehensive Plan section on “Managing Our Growth,”and the Zoning Map Amendments for the MTC and Casey PUDs. I skimmed the Zoning Ordinance online and had experience with some of the regulations while developing land and buildings at Friends Meeting School.


District 4

 Jessica Fitzwater (Democratic)

We can do a better job applying smart growth principles to planning/zoning which affect other goals, such as avoiding overcrowded schools and congested roads. I have reviewed our Zoning Ordinance as well as our Comprehensive Plan which provides a well-planned vision for Frederick County. However, the 2012 revisions to the corresponding map are incompatible with the plan’s principles and goals. We have more homes in the pipeline than we need based on current population projections.

Robert “Bob” Lawrence (Republican)

Frederick County is growing at the right pace. For a decade the County Comprehensive Plan envisions 1500 housing units a year. In 2013 we had 1,293 permits issued and are on pace for +/-1400 units this year. My four years of service on the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals and four years on the Frederick County Planning Commission give me an intimate working knowledge of both the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance.


District 5

 Mark Long (Democratic)

Fewer building permits are being issued now than say in 2005/6, but that is mostly due to the lasting effects of the real estate/economic meltdown of 2007/8. Many new developments have been approved over the last 4 years that may stress our ability to provide sufficient classroom space, safe and adequate roads and other services in the future. Yes, I am familiar with the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and zoning amendments made in 2012.

Kirby Delauter (Republican)

The County is at a current growth rate not seen since the 1960’s. Over the last 5 years less than 600 units annually were built, when just in order to pay bond debt on our infrastructure and schools, we need a minimum of 1500 units per year. So I would say at this time the county is growing too slow. I would like to see approximatley 1500 units annually which would comply with the MD … (answer exceeds word limit)



The Chamber surveyed all candidates and assembled their responses. Though all candidates were sent a copy of our survey, not all of them responded. The responses received are presented verbatim. For more information on joining the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce contact or call 301.662.4164.

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