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Remember that your annual membership renewal is a crucial business expense. In my last post, “If You Need Something, Ask!“, we talked about the importance of  confirming your expectations of Chamber membership.

Here’s my point: If you look at Chamber membership as your invitation to attend business card exchanges and Coffee & Contacts, then you’re missing most of the true value of membership. Among the many benefits of membership, the short list includes:

This list alone suggests that you should be a member, but these things, as valuable as they are, don’t come anywhere near establishing the true value of your membership. The real value in membership is the ability to show current and future customers that you are a key part of the single most powerful force for business, nonprofit, and public sector in this region.

Many great things happen every day in Frederick County, and Chamber members help lead that change. Yes, you still need to network to build your brand, but your brand will mean more to clients and customers if you share the Chamber logo where you work, through your online presence, and in person. The bottom line: Chamber membership means you don’t just sell a product or service — it means you’re part of the good things happening in Frederick County!

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