Another Reason to Shop Local

Sara McKay
Sara McKay
Sara McKay, the lead singer of Old Receiver Band

The following post was submitted by Jon-Mikel Bailey of Wood Street, Inc.

I have to admit I am a little biased when it comes to Downtown Frederick, MD as I have lived downtown since 1998 and my business has been located downtown since we founded in 2002.

Yet, I still continue to be impressed with the efforts of  Downtown Frederick Partnership (DFP), Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), Tourism Council, and Celebrate Frederick, not to mention the merchants in town. Every first Saturday of the month, this town comes alive. The DFP rallies all of its members and gets this town to throw a big party to celebrate just how great it is to be here, shop here, and work here!

This last First Saturday, my band, Old Receiver Band, was fortunate enough to be a part of the celebration. We set up and played for three hours to a steady stream of people on Market Street (fueled by hot cider from the Wegman’s stand next to us).

We basically got to play music to a different crowd for every song. The response was fantastic and I believe it is in no small part due to what the DFP put together.

On top of that, the efforts the HPC makes to preserve this gem of a town, the events Celebrate Frederick puts on like In The Street, and the Tourism Council’s ability to keep folks streaming in, are all building and maintaining Frederick’s reputation as a must-see destination in Maryland.

You could feel the pride of the shop-owners on First Saturday, and you could sense the excitement each person in the crowd had just being a part of this celebration of one of the most vibrant historic districts in Maryland. And this happens every month!

You won’t see this kind of thing at a box store or in a strip mall. I’m not saying those shopping options are wrong, I’m saying shopping local means so much. Don’t believe me? Just check out Downtown Frederick on December 7th and you will see what I mean.

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