The vitality of life in Frederick, as expressed through its arts and culture, was on full display during Quality of Life Day. What a perfect start, gathering at The MET (Maryland Ensemble Theater) for breakfast and a few words of wisdom from Rick, our resident thespian.  While sharing his own experiences on-stage, he reminded us […]

As the sun came up we boarded our bus to Annapolis for State Government Day. Our very own Rick Weldon, former House Delegate MD 3B, set the stage for what we were about to see and learn. Arriving at the Statehouse Complex, bundled up for the frigid morning, we passed through security and entered the […]

FMH Crestwood – Women’s Health Shines We are at the mid-year point of our Leadership class and time is moving quickly.  Today, we will be meeting with the movers and shakers in the non-profit and healthcare world.  We arrive at the beautiful Crestwood facility conveniently located in south Frederick; it boasts a gorgeous view of […]

LAW ENFORCEMENT CENTER Our day began at the Law Enforcement Center.  Sheriff Jenkins welcomed the class a gave  us an overview of the department and its mission to “…serve all the people within Frederick County with respect, fairness, and compassion…” He emphasized the role of police officers to “…nurture public trust by holding themselves to […]

It may have been dreary day outside, but there were smiles all around the Frederick Visitor’s Center as LFC Class of 2017 greeted each other for our first monthly outing. We gathered in the theater to hear John Fieseler, Executive Director of Tourism, take us on an inspiring “Spin Through Frederick County History”. Images of […]

Talk about meeting expectations! The LFC Retreat was much more than just a chance to meet our classmates, it was a time for beginnings. This time together introduced a unique opportunity to be absolutely “in the moment,” with technology turned off and listening with an open mind.   Our exciting journey towards becoming “Transformational Leaders” started […]

  At Large  Susan Reeder Jessee (Democratic) Frederick County has witnessed tremendous growth and if handled properly results is good business and communities. A check and balance system must be in place to take into consideration the impact on schools, roads, and infrastructure. I would concentrate new residential and commercial growth in targeted growth areas […]

Since the summer, I’ve posted about the tangible benefits of Chamber membership. While those benefits add value to your overall investment, what about the big picture? Today, let’s talk about the real value of Chamber membership. An investment with the Chamber is more than a marketing or PR decision; it is a strategic, focused, and […]

After posting “5 Ways to Maximize Your Membership,” “5 (More) Ways to Maximize Your Membership,” and “5 Ways to Maximize Your Membership… Continued,” we’re up to a grand total of 20 ways to maximize your membership with this most recent post! Chamber membership has something for everyone, including benefits such as: 1. Access Member 2 […]

Remember that your annual membership renewal is a crucial business expense. In my last post, “If You Need Something, Ask!“, we talked about the importance of  confirming your expectations of Chamber membership. Here’s my point: If you look at Chamber membership as your invitation to attend business card exchanges and Coffee & Contacts, then you’re missing […]

Last week, we authored 5 Ways to Maximize Your Membership so that you can begin to fully leverage membership from all aspects, whether that means saving  money or getting connected. This week, we’re ready to supply five more ways to maximize membership, so you can continue on the up-and-up! Here’s how: 1. Download a FREE Prescription Drug […]

How are you making your Chamber membership work for you? When leveraged fully, your membership offers a complete business strategy for success. Our new website — — makes it easier than ever to explore all of your member benefits without ever leaving your desk! Benefits are crafted to help you save money, promote your […]

Last month, Chamber TV Special Correspondent Justin Saltzman (Liberty Mutual Insurance) caught up with Professor Cyd Maubert (Mount St. Mary’s University) at the Frederick New Media & Technology Conference (FredNMT). Justin and Cyd dove into the nuts and bolts of copywriting for the web, and why it’s important for your organization.  Relevant links for this segment: Copyblogger […]

Our recent membership satisfaction survey yielded some really interesting information. Thanks to many of you, we now know that there’s a wide disparity of opinion about the term “networking.” Most new members cite that as a reason they first joined the Chamber, but each individual has a different understanding of what that might be. Most […]

Beth Schillaci, VillageWorks, is a presenter at the 6th annual New Media & Technology Conference (Fred NMT 2014). It’s the new year and we’re all making resolutions for our personal and business lives. One idea I’d like to introduce during this time of reflection and change is the concept of a Digital Detox for your business. I’m […]

Each year we ask you, a professional in Frederick County, how you’re using social media and the internet to get connected and stay connected with other Frederick professionals online. Why do we ask?  Social media is here to stay. In addition to a vibrant, thriving community in real life, Frederick is also alive and engaging […]

Jon-Mikel Bailey, Wood Street, Inc., is a presenter at the 6th annual New Media & Technology Conference (Fred NMT 2014). Utility content is a form of educational content that your clients can actually use. It is especially important for mobile users. This type of content is often situational. Your client needs something at that moment, and you provide it […]

Rick Weldon is Member Relations Manager at the Frederick Chamber. Member Monday is published on the biz blog the first Monday of each month.  As the old adage goes, “You can’t fight City Hall.” However, one of the most powerful aspects of a Chamber of Commerce membership (and one of the most underutilized) is the power of issue advocacy. […]